Privatizing Michigan… For the WIN!!!

After the last two articles, the first: Privatizing the automakers, and yesterday’s: Privatizing the Unions..  I assumed there might be an eye open to another unique solution.. What about selling off the roads, rehabilitation and human services of Michigan? Unheard of!  What about Education and the Legislature?  Preposterous!  The Governor???  What.. am I off the deep end?

Consider that business must succeed in its endeavors to profit.  Obviously, Michigan’s track record is somewhat lacking..  The efforts at relieving the poor of their plight (being poor) has not gone well, the state’s roads are the stuff of Mad Max films, and the prisons? Schools?

Obviously, there are areas which short of selling off a proxy would be impossible to shift. however, a serious consideration of.. Perhaps the health and human services as a start, could affect the state in ways never before dreamed possible?  Don’t think so?

Imagine if you will, a “for profit” interest contracting for the care of indigent, poor, hungry Michigan citizens.  They would agree to operate on a fixed amount.  Anything left over after providing the minimums established would belong to the contracting entity. The needy would be cared for by “professionals.”


Would they?  What if the minimum care was not established for the needy?  What if the operation did not meet the standards?  It would cease to be able to contract.  Instead, what if they decided it would be advantageous to instead of providing broad based “welfare,”  to instead provide a means for the needy to provide a better life for themselves?  It would save the “company” money, and the remaining pot would be greater.  The next contract could be negotiated perhaps at a lower level, and at a lower cost to Michigan taxpayers.  Result oriented operations work.

This is hardly a cure all but along the lines of anything that is truly market based, it offers a possible solution to a perpetually failing process.  It might address the reasons people are poor.  The possibility that the brightest entrepeneurial minds would be at work solving our states greatest problems is certainly one to consider as a potential.  Profit is exceptionally motivational, and finds solutions in nearly ANY situation.  Profit seekers would benefit richly by creating wealth for all of us, whereas the current set of hands managing our down trodden is dependent on them staying that way.

As Roads, and Education ideas have been openly considered in the past, I’ll leave those out.  As for the elected positions…