Inimicus pessimus meus ipsius sum (I am my own worst enemy)

I’m not sure there is an active blog, news source, or TV/radio show anywhere, that hasn’t touched on the effects of automaker layoffs, bailouts, or expected bankruptcies.  Most will agree, that no matter the proposed solution, there will be winners and losers.. and again Michigan will be the recipient of the destruction of industry.

Of course Michigan’s voters, along with a landslide of “change ” mongering neophytes across the nation straight ticketed themselves to further abuses by their now to be considered “anointed” elected leaders.  The very same folks, with the very same mentality to bring you corn based ethanol, reduced oil exploration, and forced mileage mandates, as a means of incentive for cheaper food, fuel and reduced “greenhouse” emissions.

Emissions of CO2, a natural PLANT FOOD, which incidentally we breathe out, and is a part of nature’s cycle.  CO2.. The exhalation of which has been purported to cause acidic oceans, “climate change,” (which up until the temperatures indicated otherwise was called “global warming”) and poor acting performances of Alec Baldwin. ( <-Fair use I swear!!)  The fight against CO2 output still continues however, even though the “consensus” swing is coming about, and carbon emissions are becoming less suspect in real effect.

Which is why AL GORE, and those around and much like him supporting this religion, were screaming at the top of their lungs: “WE MUST DO SOMETHING NOW!” They knew we would HAVE to wise up sooner or later.  If he actually believed a single word he breathed, his pompously FAT carbon signature on this planet would be more long the lines of Ralph Nader, who actually lives a fairly modest life. As it is, Al Gore profits heavily from his proselytizing while we pay higher food, fuel, and heating bills…

But no.  we NEED crisis.  It sustains our supposed need for a bloated government.  A government which can “at will,” take from one hard stricken business or individual, and give freely to another who may-or-may-not be as harshly put upon.  A government, which through crisis feeds the power needs of small minds, and purposes the bank accounts of those who are corrupt.

So, when we look at the PAC monies being spent by Unions to support increasing political influence of a Left/Liberal agenda which has spawned so much of this mess, I would suggest it is time to let them harvest that which they have sown.  The Automakers will need to consider the very real possibility of a major restructuring, WITH or WITHOUT the unions.. if they wish to survive.

Because I for one, have not agreed to pay for any of it, except when I bought my Truck and SUV. There are plenty more folks out there as well, who have an equal lack of motivation to merely push the inevitable coming to Jesus moment which the unions and manufacturers face, with an extension of credit.

And as the title implies, there are few to point fingers at, except by a view afforded in front of the medicine cabinet, as we reach for the extra strength aspirin.