A glimpse into the mentality of GM UAW workers and it's admin

An article in today’s Detroit Free Press had this tidbit:

When asked last week if she and other UAW members should sacrifice more now to save GM from bankruptcy, she has a simple answer: No.

“I think we’ve given enough,” said O’Neill, 39, of Goodrich, an assembler at GM’s Lake Orion plant, where she builds the Chevy Malibu and Pontiac G6. “Everybody wants to come down hard on the workers. Nobody knows what we do inside there but the people who work there. It’s hard. It is not an easy job.”

You don’t even have to have a finance class to know that labor is *the* largest expense and organization has. Guess what toots, GM goes under and you don’t have a job.

Then there of course is Ron Just-got-fingered and his idiotic claim that the UAW doesn’t have anything to do with the downfall of GM.

Really? I have a feeling the UAW job banks might have something to do with extraneous costs for the automakers.

I think Dire Straits said it best: “Get your money for nothing and your chicks for free”