Socialism & Obama Supporters, Stealing A Way of Life

I have a video, brought to me by a local farmer which shows a theft from his roadside fruit  stand.  The video shows a woman and her kids (or grand kids) pulling up to a roadside fruit stand owned by the farmer and quite literally emptying the shelves.  She did not pay for the fruit, pumpkins, gourds, or vegetables.  Worse than that, one of the kids could not have been more than ten years old.

This isn’t saying she was a Democrat, or affiliated with a party at all, but it speaks to the culture which breeds an indifference to the hardships endured by the producers of this country to craft an honest living.  When someone can roll up with the trunk empty and ready to receive quite literally the fruits of someone else’s labor, and demonstrate to the kids that it is OK, then we have gone too far down a road that should not be traveled.  It disrespects the time and energy someone has placed tilling the field, breaking a sweat, and earning a wage.  Has theft become OK?

Does not redistribution of taxpayer money engender the same attitude?  For if it is wrong for an individual who is hungry, to determine that someone’s goods setting unattended on the roadside can be taken without conscience, then does it not follow it is wrong for a government in the “peoples” stead to do so?

Socialist elements such as those firmly entrenched in the politics of the Democrat party, as well as breaking new ground in the Republican party have a troubling effect on social behavior norms as I see it.  When it becomes standard fare in political discourse to describe which entitlements will go to whom “for the sake of decency,” it also then becomes standard to ignore the reality of which pockets get picked to accomplish those good works.  Consider these folks below..

Obama supporter paying pizzas to people who bring in McCain yard signs.  Their own.. yeah.. right.

Kwame Kilpatrick, an Obama supporter, who stole roughly $9 million from Detroit’s treasury to pay for his defense. This resulting from a scandal and LYING.

What is it that gives them the right to attach their burdens to someone else’s bank account?  Did not the people in Detroit who pay taxes deserve a little more respect than that?  How could they get it?  Government assumes the bottomless wallets of the working, and the endless hunger of the needy to keep its power.

It is called Socialism.

Now, The theft is more than money alone.  It might well be an election.  “Money is Passe” seems to be the common thread as traditional mass media outlets in an obviously skewed manner inject their support to Obama because of the “historical” element and chance to be participants in its creation.  Our votes are being stolen by fraudulent voting methods from organizations once assisted by their idol candidate Barack Obama.

Much of the public has been inured to the theft commonly associated with big government, big media, and big dreams.  We can only HOPE someone calls the cops.

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  1. Jack McHugh
    October 23, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    “. . . a woman and her kids (or grand kids) pulling up to a roadside fruit stand owned by the farmer and quite literally emptying the shelves. She did not pay . . .”

    Hey, she was spreading the wealth around! Aren’t you patriotic?

  2. Displaced Michigander
    October 24, 2008 at 1:43 am

    Please read this Wikipedia entry:

    And then re-consider the opening two paragraphs of this post.


    Government assumes the bottomless wallets of the working

    I think you mean that taxpayers assume debt of the wealthy when capitalism breaks down. Pure capitalism never works as a system because it doesn’t account for externalities (public safety, pollution, etc.).

    Regarding the theft of votes (which I imagine is a reference to ACORN), please explain what an organization is supposed to do with potentially fraudulent voter registrations when the law requires that organization to turn them in.

    I have no problem with the position you’ve taken. However, you sound ignorant when you defend it using faulty logic, half-understood subjects, and mistruths. You might persuade people your way, but you’ll never be right.

  3. jgillman
    October 24, 2008 at 7:52 am

    “I think you mean that taxpayers assume debt of the wealthy when capitalism breaks down. Pure capitalism never works as a system because it doesn’t account for externalities (public safety, pollution, etc.).

    No actually.. I mean Government assumes the bottomless wallet of the worker. For government to continue spending more when faced with the possibility of having less, it (the politicians running it) seeks to create a situation which requires the “dreaded decision” to raise taxes and confiscate the fruit of our hard work. As for capitalism we couldn’t possibly know if will work to its best because it isn’t fully implemented, but its current form sure has worked better than any socialist answer ever tried… ANYWHERE.

    The recent bailout is a failure of ALLOWING capitalism to function as it is supposed to on two levels. First, government forced the lenders to operate outside what works in business; a natural role as profit seeker. Secondly, the government intervened in the natural failing of a business. As for the oversight, government FAILED to prevent the fraud on the shareholders of those businesses. There is likely 20-30 paragraphs I could spend on the subject, …perhaps another time.

    As for ACORN, I support the active participation in civil politics, but do not think it is an imperative to have these groups in the first place. If it is not important enough for the people these folks are presumably assisting to do on their own, then ACORN’s role is simply to abscond with that person’s vote to further its own agenda.

    Please feel free to elaborate on the faulty logic you have presumably found in my opinion piece. And while your last paragraph assumes my ignorance (I suspect in baiting my emotional side) the minor references to straw man, and externalities hardly explain your point. Please be more clear for the ignorant among us.

  4. October 24, 2008 at 8:25 am

    Socialism is the new American dream. Just ask the nice men in bright red ACORN shirts.


  5. October 24, 2008 at 11:19 am

    I posted something on that order today… but more about stealing an election than a way of life.

    Sunday, the focus will be on Detroit… and the need to change a way of life.

  6. October 24, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    To Displaced Michigander,

    Capitalism is an economic system, not a political system. It is appropriate for the political system to attempt to account for the externalities, but it must be done on a rational basis. Our current financial difficulties are proof that has not happened. Contracts are being suspended because of problems that originated from centralized government command-and-control dictats.

    The idea that government is assuming the debt of the wealthy has no connection whatever to capitalism. At best it could be called corporatism as an economic system, maybe fascism as a political system.

    As to ACORN, if the organization were not culpable it would not have had so many of its employees convicted of fraud. They are NOT required by any law to turn in registrations they had faked for Mickey Mouse, my dog or dead people. They are further not required to save these fake registrations up and dump thousands of them on election officials in a single day. In fact, they are supposed to turn them in immediately. They do not because it helps cover their fraud.

    They also are not required to collude with presidential campaigns to obfuscate the purpose of $800,000 payments from those campaigns.

    While we might further debate the capitalism bit, it is your willful ignorance of ACORN’s activities that proves you will always be wrong.

    While you’re on this thread you might try looking up the tragedy of the commons as a modifier to your externality issues. I don’t recommend Wikipedia. Try this:

    In this case a core capitalist concept, private property, avoids ignoring a socialist externality that destroys results in environmental destruction. It’s one of the reasons industrial pollution was far worse in communist East Germany than in democratic West Germany.

  7. October 25, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    Actually, my good friend (and about to get better) Jason, capitalism has been shown to work everyday in America. Road side fruit stands, young men shovelling snow for money, children selling lemonade in their neighborhood, people having garage sales, etc. are all examples of pure, unbridled capitalism – free market capitalism.

    One person has a product or a service, another has money or payment in kind. The exchange is made, all parties benefit. That’s free market capitalism.

    I’d love to see that extended to prostitution, ticket scalping, topless dancing, and yes, even the sale of marijuana. These are moral issues that should be left to the decision of consenting adults. If one person wants to pay for that product or service, and another has it, and they are both consenting adults – let ‘er rip! Free market capitalism – it’s the only win-win economic system that exists.

    See you at the Right Brain with Jr.,


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