Detroit News Endorses McCain, Takes Pause With Palin?

The Detroit news endorsed the Republican candidate.  Not that this created any large buzz, but as Wade over at Wade’s Conservative world puts it: I nearly spewed out my coffee.” LOL  so true! Aside from a little disrespect for the governor of Alaska, they offer up their best opinions to the American hero, John McCain.

The News, choking down its natural impulse to support Obama’s historical bid says:

“In choosing McCain, we do not ignore the profound significance of Sen. Obama’s candidacy. His place atop the Democratic ticket represents a dramatic leap forward for diversity in the national leadership. He has brought an inspiring message of change and hope to American politics and has been unflappable on the campaign trail.

He is a man of tremendous ability who will surely continue to play a vital national role.

But if he wins this election, he will enter the White House as the most inexperienced president since Herbert Hoover in 1928. His proposals reflect the Democratic Party’s big-spending orthodoxy. Conservative estimates place the price tag for his new programs at nearly $350 billion a year, and yet he vows even more middle class tax cuts.

Obama would raise taxes on investors and costs for job creators at a time when America needs more investment and jobs.

By contrast, McCain vows to freeze spending while he scours the budget for areas where it can be cut. Though his opponents deride a spending freeze as a simplistic response, we must take a breather from the Bush-era spending spree that has increased the size of government by 50 percent during the past eight years.

McCain has a well-earned reputation as a spending hawk. Although he now supports making them permanent, he opposed the Bush tax cuts in 2001 because they were not matched by off-setting spending cuts. Again, had McCain prevailed, the nation would have had the economic growth the tax cuts helped produce without the appalling deficits the spending generated. If elected, we hope he hews to his original stance that tax cuts and spending cuts should go hand-in-hand. “

The Detroit news endorsement, while recognizing the historical perspective of an Obama win continues to belittle Palin’s contribution later in the article.  That’s OK.  Palin has shown she has not only the right kind of spirit needed to bring the party back together, even with the “maverick” himself doing the kind of things that make it hard to separate him from his opponent.  Palin frankly is an incredible weightlifter and worthy of far more respect than what has been given.  There is no pause in my support.  Slanted stories by reporters with an axe to grind or other such agenda will not sway my opinion.

Sarah Palin is the best thing to happen fro this country, and to politics in a very long time.