Perhaps a little sunshine today.

Its starting to get colder, the bailout last week was somewhat disturbing, but even on a Monday, I am waking with renewed optimism.

The McCain campaign is likely to return to activities in Michigan, and the the questioning of O-Who’s relationships are happening as they should.  Initial Oil prices this morning are depressed, which is good. ( unless you have stock in oil )  And, the latest Luntz research shows the country is giving thumbs down to bailout.

All in all, my faith returns this morning, and a new week begins.  The happiness begins with learning that October 19th Jack HoogenDyk debates Carl Levin on Michigan PBS stations.  Hoogendyk, looking to unseat the 30 year Senate veteran who voted Yea on the bailout faces a real challenge, but notes Levin’s approval has slipped below 50%.  Which MEANS by getting HoogenDyk’s Name out there it is possible to unseat a senator who has done nothing positive for Michigan.

That and the Townhall debate for McCain and O-Who tomorrow? Good news abound, optimism reigns.  TGIM. I think the sun is coming out now.