McCain Palin really are Michigan's hope for a future.

I have written my Kvetches about John McCain, and any candidate slash politician who has crossed the line my personal convictions wouldnt allow.  I have not, nor will I let up on calling out that which I disagree with regard to social policy and economic effect.  McCain’s support and writing of an anti first amendment law, some of his going for ( IMO ) economy damaging green legislation, and his most recent signing of the bailout bill which passed like a bottle of rum and raisins through congress and the house.

Having said all that…

One would have to be naive to think they will agree on all issues with the best candidate available.  Let me restate that in another way: John McCain is as close to what is right for MICHIGAN and the rest of the country as we have in choices this time around.  While you might not find that as a glowing endorsement, it might be worthwhile to consider the following: I don’t have many ads for candidates on the site.

My “Dear John” letter was “critically acclaimed,” and many found an entertaining element in it.  The enjoyment in the wordplay seemed short lived to me however, when the very next day after publishing, Team McCain decided to pull out of the state.  Ow.  Although I am sure this little blog had nothing to do with that, I suspect the feelings I had expressed were also being expressed from other corners of the state, and perhaps the message was all to easily recieved.

I am hopefully not too dense to realize the implications of a complete pullout from Michigan by McCain, So I  immediately responded with a number of emails and some follow up calls with the McCain campaign.  Also, paid a visit to the MI GOP site and made a donation I could afford.  My theory, was it was going to take a lot more effort for the rest of the conservatives trying to make things right in Michigan this election cycle.  In Fact, I also considered Jack Hoogendyk’s campaign for the US Senate seat now occupied by the Ultra Liberal 30 year veteran Carl Levin.  It all matters, and I figured we needed a little more effort for the home team.

Folks, Michigan has been fighting for job creation, and new opportunities for its entire existence.  In all of history, even the worst times in the nation hadn’t put our state in the shape we have seen in the last few years.  Mismanagement by a democrat controlled state house, and the pressure on the senate to a point of extortion by our governor has kept our state in perpetual vulnerability.

However, Granholm is NOT the only reason we are at this point.  Though she is incompetent as our governor, and a more market based tax policy and regulatory environment could have helped the job creators on the fence when deciding to leave or not, it is the “Granholms” in congress who really set the tone.  The representiative leadership (or lack thereof) has been pursuing heightened “green” policies from the time they controlled the house.

And though the discussion of “global warming,” or as it is called for acceptability reasons now “climate change” have been going on for years prior, the legislative furor and impetus to “do something” has never been higher than in the last couple of years.  The sky has been falling for these folks since they were born.  The problem is however, that for much of the agenda the Granholms in Washington, the constant crisis mode allows them access to unadulterated power, and the more legislation they can pile on to energy concerns the more they interfere with free market elements, and ultimately cause a rise in the price of..  well EVERYTHING.

McCain’s Choice of Sarah Palin is no mistake.  It was a brilliant move by a man who can see outside himself and understands the weaknesses he carries.  And for all the areas which he may be wrong, she balances in a way that people on an unconscious level understand.  The left, given their agenda, FEAR her, the right fearing more government adore her, which makes the left fear her more.  Naysayers suggest she is popular in Alaska because she had so much to work with, being in an oil rich state with a low population.  I would make the argument that MICHIGAN has resources as plentiful, but mismanagement at the top has prevented the development of them.

The election of McCain Palin could set the stage for a healthy economy in Michigan.  Voters here would still have to “throw the bums out” of our state legislature and exec office this year and in 2010, but Michigan’s value to the rest of the country, and the rest of the free world with which we deal can again be seen as formidable.  When we don’t have artificial restrictions coming from Washington, Michiganders can be resourceful.  O-Who would be a boat anchor on the economy of the country, and particularly Michigan, with increased energy costs, and higher manufacturing and corporate costs.

Its time for Michigan to be back at the table. Now serve us up a little McCain Palin, and a side of Hoogendyk please?