Levin lives here, and doesn't get it.

A regular Carl Levin mailing has been reaching one of my “spam catcher” mailboxes. Recently he threw his support behind Barry Obama after defending Hillary’s received votes here in Michigan. My comments in bold.


In the past seven years, our nation has lost 3.3 million manufacturing jobs. We have higher unemployment, more Americans without health insurance, and a record number of home foreclosures. Median family income is down $1200 and purchasing power is down $4500. Prices are skyrocketing for everything from gas to food.

Most of it is inflated numbers, due to technological advances which actually enhance productivity and economy,  EXCEPT here in Michigan, however where the numbers actually mean something.  the last 5-6 years have been a slow death for this state due to unreasonable Union demands, and the political effect of those unions electing “tax and spend and regulate” legislative types to the lawmaking bodies.   Michigan Income is down MUCH further than the $1200, and prices skyrocket when environmental stranglehold policies of the left restrict farming practices, and hold new energy development at bay.

We need a change – that’s why I am committed to helping elect Senator Barack Obama as our next President.

SO that EVERY other one of the “57 states ” can enjoy Michigan’s brand of success

Senator Obama knows that Michigan citizens can’t afford four more years of the economic policies that got us here. That’s why his economic plan includes measures that will help create jobs in Michigan, including increasing the R&D tax credit, investing in our manufacturing workforce, doubling the Manufacturing Extension Partnership and making sure that American-developed technologies become American-made products that create jobs in America, not overseas.

If he knows about the policies which hurt Michigan, then surely he would resign from the race and leave public life. Tinkering with the way in which jobs makers operate consistently  screws things up, and Granholm, Dillon et al, should be prime lessons in the future of economics textbooks as examples of what NOT TO DO.

Yesterday, the excitement throughout Michigan for Senator Obama’s economic vision was palpable. From the gathering at Kettering University in Flint to the 20,000 people at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, people are making it clear they are ready for change.

Actually, the excitement was because there were only 2 single stall bathrooms, and they were handing out free beer to get the party riled up. 

I hope you’ll join me in the months ahead to make sure that, in November, we send a strong message to Washington that after the last seven years, it’s time for a change.

The change needed is Congress losing it’s Democrat majority.   Michigan is a prime example of how Democrat leadership runs the show.  Nationally, it is starting to follow that trend.  Up until 2007 (when congress went fully Dem) MICHIGAN was pretty much in it’s own single state recession. Hello Carl???!! Get over your partisanship, and look the truth in the face.


Carl Levin

P.S. Unnecessary tax cuts, endless war and abandonment of our manufacturing base are the legacy of the Bush administration. A victory in November is our best hope to change these misguided policies.

Further demonstrating his ignorance of economic principles. 

P.S. Carl:

You haven’t properly represented this state in the decades you have served. Your war chest is full because of special interest donations by people (unions) who profit on dividing the worker’s financial interests from that of his employer.  Further Liberal policies forced upon the people of this great state, and the country as a whole will only exacerbate the troubles which only Michigan, up until recently, has had a monopoly on.  

The divisive tactics used by the left liberal establishment work, sadly. The politics of envy have served the Democrat party well over the last few years assuring maximum positions of power and dominion over the nation’s people.  Please reconsider your partisan nature, and look at the facts.

1.    Michigan was FINE and relatively recession resistant until Granholm took office. 

2.    Supply and demand is in fact working, and though speculation is part of the recent cause of high fuel prices, it is also based on the fact there are seriously large emerging economies in our midst (globally) increasing the speculation that in the years to come we will be short on supply.  A fact that can be remedied if we act now (drill in Anwr) 

3.    Ethanol use as a fuel has also caused a multitude of problems. this was a plan If I am not mistaken, that YOU supported sir. Will you now admit you could be wrong about other global/environmental effects? 

4.    Reward, as an incentive drives innovation. Will you still insist along with those on the left, that when someone makes more than YOU think is fair, that someone else is entitled to their proceeds?

I think it is a fair request that you reconsider your core values if you truly have any, and look at the damage brought about by policies which divide us, and make us less competitive.  Those policies which you support and advance.