Subverting Free Markets in Michigan

I am a businessman. I have employees who earn a wage based on their value to the business, as well as skills, and regional employment availability factors, etc.

The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa Chippewa Indians are also a business. They Own the Grand Traverse Resort, Turtle Creek Casino, Leelanau Sands Casino, Property Developments and Many other interests of which I am only vaguely aware. The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa Chippewa Indians employs hundreds, if not thousands of workers, most of whom earn a respectable wage, and are treated well.

Summer is nearly upon us.

The Grand Traverse Resort needs nearly 100 seasonal foreign workers, and had expected to be able to hire foreign Jamaican workers at minimum wage through the federal H-2B seasonal foreign worker visa program. The program however, has a particular exemption that has expired, which would have allowed former workers to return without counting against the number of visas issued for the program locally. This means they may not be able to fill more than 15-20 spots for the busy summer season.

This is where it all gets a little interesting.

The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa Chippewa Indians have recruited U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Menominee to pinch hit with little success, in an effort to get the needed exemption reinstated.

Typical liberal political types will speak with forked tongue. The state of Michigan recently UPs the ante on minimum wage, yet the liberals seek to subvert at a federal level the natural forces which would create a better wage for local residents. The effect of bringing in additional “minimum wage” earners from outside our local economies might be a BOOST for the business recipient, yet does not allow the free market principles to kick in. The very same liberal government promoting machine which cries about jobs for the residents of Michigan is saying nothing about the H-2B seasonal foreign worker visa program.

Where is the UNION outrage I ask?