I Smell a RAT.

Michigan has new vermin.

This particular “rodent” is invasive, highly intelligent, and well funded. NO I’m not talking about Andy Dillon and his thugs, rather it is the the Center for Climate Strategies. They are already infesting the administration of our state capitol. They have diseased the minds of many legislators, and the plague that is borne on this wandering group of disease carriers is the message of “Climate Change.”

The Center for Climate Strategies makes a claim of neutrality, yet their agenda is clearly assessed by their very existence. If neutrality was the point, why exist?

There is a great deal of money for power brokers in the Global Warming Scam currently being perpetuated by our government, and corporations such as GE (EcoMaginations) who owns NBC (note the “green” message pummeled into the TV viewer’s thick head daily) Even Jet Setter Al Gore is getting Incredibly wealthy, while we pay more for energy, food, products…

It is going to get worse.

Michigan administration is in the throes of transformation while we look on.

The Michigan Climate Action Council will be comprised of 35 representatives from public interest groups, environmental organizations, utilities, the manufacturing sector and other key industries, universities, and state and local government. The council will compile an inventory and forecast of greenhouse gas emissions in Michigan and produce a plan for reducing those gasses. ”

Would you be interested in the RULES set by the Center for Climate Strategies before this panel is even created?

1. Participants CANNOT debate the science

2. Participants are expected to support the process and it’s concept fully.

3. No Alternates if you cannot make the meetings

4. The estimated CCS Budget for completion of startup and COMPLETION of the process covers planning, facilitation and DEVELOPMENT and quantification of approximately 50 policy recommendations with a final report.”


The Center for Climate Strategies is “unbiased” yet has implemented rules which allow NO debate, and once it has wormed it’s way into a state government by means of executive order, it cannot be removed easily. Climate Strategies Watch, a watch group, has been following the Center’s activities for some time and has discovered the operation has been remarkably similar in each state that has adopted a “climate change” panel. Climate Strategies Watch has requested a freedom of information act report on the center’s activities, yet the administration has resisted.

Granholm does NOT want you to KNOW what they are going to do to you.

This process of “climate strategies” is being implemented in a way which DOES NOT allow public debate.

Whether you agree or disagree (I suspect by now you know where I stand) with the tenets of global warming theories, this activity is UNACCEPTABLE as it will mean higher energy costs, without the process of public input.  Notice also, that the name of the Center for Climate Strategies does not even include  “warming.” As I said, this plague bearer is highly evolved, and has planned for the eventuality of cold temperatures throwing off the global “warming” scam, as they have recently.


More to come …Funding ..Who is behind it ..The Industries most affected by Policy established in the name of BAD SCIENCE…