You Have a Right to Remain Silent….

Two petitioners were unagressively collecting signatures for the Recall of Speaker Andy Dillon in front of the Redford Post Office. A fancy car pulls up and out jumps three well dressed men. They go into the post office and register a complaint. An interested observer asked who made the complaint about the petitioners and was told by security that it was none other than the R. Miles Handy the Redford Twp. Supervisor. I did not see him, so this is hearsay. I suggest that you call him at 313-387-2705 and find out if it was really him or you can email him at . The petioners left the post office and called me, as they were told to do.

I then took up their position. I wasn’t there very long before two police cars showed up and parked next to me. Being the hardened criminal that I am, I ignored them. The policeman in the first car got out of his car. I pulled out my video cam. He says he does not want to get filmed. Keep in mind he was filming me. I told him I would not film him if he left me alone. He repeated the request and I gave him the same answer. He finally said I had to leave. I told him that I was exercising my first ammendment rights on government property and the only way I was leaving was if he told me what law I had broken and arrested me. I put my camera away and after some discussion, he went back to his car and called someone.

The second policeman got out of his car and repeated the same thing. Then he tried sympathy. “I’m just trying to do my job.” I told him I was too. I repeated that the only way I was moving was if they arrested me.

Then the third cop car showed up. I told him I was waiting to be arrested. He asked if they said they would arrest me. I told him they only hinted that they would. At least he smiled at me before he left.

The first policeman then approched me again and said he was going inside to give me enough time to leave. When he came out, I was still there. People coming in and out of the post office looked frightened. Some people yelled from the parking lot and asked what was going on. I yelled back not to worry and that it was only about me.

Then the forth police car came this was the official postal police. The officers in the first two cars were making phonecalls. They then went and talked to the postal policewoman. She went inside through a side or back door and not much later came out and told me there were complaints and I must leave. I told her the same thing I told the other police. This is public property because it is leased by the government. I was asking a question, which is my right ,and not harrassment and that I was twenty feet away from the people I was talking to. She went in and was never heard from again. The whole time this was going on, one of Dillon’s thugs (I got a pretty nice one) was walking in front of me with a sign that said “don’t sign the petition it will cost tax$$$”. What it should have said is that it would cost Dillon dollars.

While you are calling the supervisor’s office, ask him why the township felt it necessary to station two police cars next to a woman almost sixty years old who just wanted to exercise both her federal and state constitutional rights for about two hours. Also ask if Redford is crime free except for the post office. Who do you think was doing the harrassment? The police? Dillons thugs, which usually show up in numbers? How about a sweet old lady (me)?

Rose Bogaert, Chair

Wayne County Taxpayers Association, Inc.


Taxpayers to Recall Andy Dillon