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Problem Reaction Solution

Hegelian dialectic. Google it.

I don’t doubt the sincerity of many of the OWS protesters. They know something is wrong, and seeing a well publicized movement they can attach themselves to, it makes sense that they would stand up and say so.

Unfortunately, many do not understand the cause of what it is that afflicts them, their friends, and the nation as a whole. They see corruption and cronyism as the problem, but do not understand that these are merely the symptoms of a greater, unrecognized problem.

Greater government involvement in your affairs both in business and personally.

This video was designed to reach out and try to catch a few of the critical thinkers who might actually be trying to understand what the hell is going on. To catch them before they fall into a trap of thinking revolution is an answer.

Occupy Traverse City Part One

From the Traverse City October 22, 2011 Occupy event downtown Traverse City, Michigan.

Not all is as it seems, and there are different components to the OWS movement. Though I am not comfortable with the fist symbolism often attributed to the OWS movement which seems to relate it well to a redistribution movement, I felt it would be important to let the words of those involved be heard to see if all of them might support that type of political structure.

This one might surprise you. It is part One of three.