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Indiana Fights Back

The 4th amendment is not negotiable. God bless those Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians in Indiana who are willing to stand up to creeping totalitarianism.

Police need to be able to do their jobs, but they must do so legally.

Texting Now Illegal So Now I write Long Letters By Hand

While Driving.. ~ Cross Posted from RightMichigan.com ~ Some decisions shouldn’t require a great deal of thought, but people are still making the wrong choices. If you regularly text while driving, its safe to assume you have made a few…


Anyone who had knowledge of the surveillance capabilities with the laptop giveaway to students at the PA Lower Merion School District should be fired.  Pending criminal prosecution. Period.  From the Washington Post Lower Merion officials confirmed last week they had…

Unlawful Ordinance

“Ordinance” as in a Municipal decree.  The decree of Alpena’s government that “Ordnance” shall not be ordinary upon city property. Sec. 54-2. Disorderly Conduct (a) The following acts shall constitute disorderly conduct, and no person shall: (6) Go armed with…