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Democide – Demand A Plan

Though I don’t buy in to all of the Alex Jones hype, this message is straight up and reasonable.

There is no good reason to disarm the citizens of this country except to have greater control over them.  The video was apparently created to counter the openly hypocritical “demand a plan” video made by Hollywood types; most of which have profited greatly in the cheapening of human life through their “art”.

Once upon a time a great nation was founded by tossing such control and hypocrisy off.

Unlawful Ordinance

“Ordinance” as in a Municipal decree.  The decree of Alpena’s government that “Ordnance” shall not be ordinary upon city property. Sec. 54-2. Disorderly Conduct (a) The following acts shall constitute disorderly conduct, and no person shall: (6) Go armed with…

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Michigan US Representative Bart Stupak and I will see things far differently on a number of issues, but one of them will likely never be on “Gun Rights” and the proper application of the second amendment.  So as I may…