Michigan Lottery Losers

There are people who buy their lottery tickets and do NOT remember to actually check their tickets.

After huge expenses cajoling the poor to spend money they cannot afford, and promoting the state sanctioned games of chance, its sad they cannot spend a couple bucks to actually investigate a little further.  So here’s to you folks knowing where these locations are, and letting your friends who visit these establishments know that if they play the government’s numbers racket, they might be missing something.

Any money left in the hands of government like this is a damned shame.

Unclaimed Prizes

Draw Date Game Winning #s Prize Retailer
04/15/2014 $40,000 Tax Free Raffle Raffle Ticket No. 0334098 $40,000 Kroger #441, Dearborn Heights
04/26/2014 Fantasy 5 2-14-17-24-28 $159,835 Dearborn Amoco Service, Dearborn
07/28/2014 Fantasy 5 15-23-26-27-28 $52,500 BP Gas Station owned by EDCO Energy & Mgmt. LLC, Livonia
08/05/2014 Mega Millions 25-28-36-45-53
Mega Ball 6
$1,000,000 CVS Pharmacy #08291, Grand Rapids
10/12/2014 Fantasy 5 2-19-30-37-38 $328,843 Harrison Liquor & Wine Market, Lincoln Park
11/5/2014 Powerball 2-11-19-21-42 Powerball 34 $1,000,000 Mitch’s Party Store 70844, Wayne
11/11/2014 Fantasy 5 18-24-25-29-33 $164,809 Motor City Sports Bar 102662, Warren
11/28/2014 Fantasy 5 10-21-23-26-28 $50,000 Five Star Liquor
71579, Dearborn
12/12/2014 Fantasy 5 5-21-24-28-39 $52,500 Bay Park Marathon 20130, Holland

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