Lyons: Families Deserve Better Than $1.2 Billion Sales Tax Hike

Representative Pledges to Lead Charge in House to Ensure Tax Hike Scheme is Dead on Arrival

LANSING–State Representative Lisa Posthumus Lyons, R-Alto issued the following statement today in response to reports that legislative leaders are considering a proposal to take repealing Michigan’s prevailing wage law off the table for consideration as well as to raise the state’s sales tax to fund road repairs:


“Our roads and infrastructure are in bad need of repair, but simply raising taxes on hardworking families while preventing policies that make Michigan competitive and create jobs is not the answer.”Michigan’s hardworking taxpayers deserve better. Our road funding problem is an opportunity to look at comprehensive tax restructuring, not just taking the status quo and asking for more.

“I am asking the Governor and legislative quadrant to take a different approach to this issue. I am willing to seek solutions, but this proposal misses the mark, and I will lead the charge to ensure it does not get the 2/3 votes in the House to put it on the ballot.”


Media outlets across the state today reported that some lawmakers had begun discussions on a plan that would halt talks of repealing the state’s prevailing wage law and increase road funding by over a billion dollars by asking voters in 2014 to raise the state’s sales tax to 7%.  The plan would require approval by two-thirds of lawmakers in both the state House and Senate before it could be foisted on taxpayers.

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