Warren Mayor Cries Over Slain Pest

deer-loveWas there something special about Bambi?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The Mayor’s heartbreak over the bow hunting kill of a deer within city limits has him railing against the killers, and asking for the maximum punishment possible. Because the Mayor has nothing better to do in Warren, a city of 134,000 plus souls, he will be monitoring the courtroom to make sure justice is done.

“Mayor Jim Fouts said in a statement obtained by the Free Press he hopes authorities “inflict the maximum fine, and when these predators are on trial, I will be sitting in the courtroom to be certain they pay for their crimes” and he noted probation was “not [a] satisfactory” option.”

Oh no not at all.

Forty lashes is probably too good for these hunters who have not done anything different than a couple hundred thousand like them in Michigan this year.  This deer is different.  Its special.  It means something to him.


“Bambi!  Oh Bambi!” He was reported to have been crying out when he heard of this “capital offense.”  Except Bambi may not have been the deer’s name.  It may only have been the nickname of a city employee whom he may, or may not have dated.

Ahhh young love.

Or ..  maybe it was the deer.

Fuhhhh reaky…


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