New Signs Near Schools

InboxNow that its clearly off limits for our school employees to be able to defend themselves, perhaps we consider a change out of the existing school zone signs to ones that more accurately reflect the attitude of government.

Far better it would be to have defenders at the gates when some looney tunes crazy who thinks he is possessed by the devil decides to locate a highly populated venue that offers the most bang for the buck.  Like wet tissue, an unarmed and open front door at any school is now more easily pierced than ever.

When Michigan Governor Rick Snyder vetoed SB59, it was not for any particular ideology, but rather (likely) done so on an emotional level.  I don’t think it was political, yet we have still lost an opportunity to correct the ‘path of least resistance’ problem associated with such locations as schools and auditoriums. We lost a way to offer options in dealing with the mental illness that sometimes rears its ugly head.

The precedent has been set.

Is this sign over the top?


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