Month: October 2011

The Truth Cloud

Lets talk about those indicted as evil corporations feeding off the taxpayer trough and ‘oppressing’ the common man.   Would any corporation on it’s own be able to hold over such power on the individual without the willing accomplices in government? …

“0-0-0-11-0” Plan Proposed

(Tuesday, October 18, Kalamazoo, Michigan) – Herman Cain wisely perceived the “bumper sticker mentality” of many American voters much better than did the FairTax folks with his catchy “9-9-9” Plan to catch the attention of inattentive voters. Herman says his…

Perfect Example Of Union Thuggishness

This story is being used as an ad for the Romney campaign. Like many of the stories that point out the failure of progressive politics it reveals the bullying aspect of the far left and their ‘compassion’ for their fellow man.

Anyone who thinks progressivism is patriotic needs medicating.

Mitt’s Greatest Hits

Corporate bundlers may wish to hold on to their bundles a bit longer.  The disappointing story of Mitt is well chronicled in the video below.

At a time when principle trumps self promotion, its unlikely an establishment Republican like Romney will break 25 points in the primaries.  If he WAS selected as the nominee, the likelihood his waffling positions would be used often, as the current ‘occupier’ of the white house would waste no opportunity to show Mitt is no different.

Why Soaking The Rich Won’t Work

As the dummies in the ‘Occupy’ movement call for their “fair share”, lets take a break and listen to a voice of reason.

Unfortunately we have lost the great mind of Milton Friedman, but the truth remains.

Occupy Wall Street?

The kids you have seen on the news doing the “occupy wall street” gig are dumb as rocks.

Most of them. THIS guy is worth listening to, even if you disagree with some of what he says, he pretty much knows what he is talking about.

Though I cannot determine his angle on what capitalism truly is, the word has too easily been associated with the crony arrangement between economic development goals of government and the private sector all too eager to abuse those arrangements.

We live in “interesting times.”

The Grand Vision of Agenda 21

Grand Traverse County is a beautiful part of a beautiful region, in a diverse and wonderful state. Its no wonder so many wish to move and settle here.  Its also comes as no surprise that initiatives which claim to protect…