Its really not about the Rotary.

Several weeks back I wrote a response and posted it at titled “The Adventures of Huckleberry Gillman” It was a way to nip back at those who were trying to silence my questions about WHY a charity would have as a part of its program, the growth of government. Essentially the intent of my questioning was to root out the lefties in that organization, and have the locals at least take a second look at who was responsible for changing their mission from a charity, to a government facilitator.

Sometimes you just have to name names.

For example one Marsha Smith, Executive Director.

What fun it is to announce great projects and money giveaways!

Nearly $540,000 in Grants to Support Grand Vision

Building Quality Place Through Transformational Grant Making

Emphasizing her point, Rotary Charities in 2009-10 announced nearly $540,000 in grants to support the Grand Vision. These were directly related to implementation of the Grand Vision, explained Marsha. “When evaluating grants we look for proposals that fit our mission. Specifically, the proposal must meet an identified community need or enhance the quality of life for citizens in our region. All of these successful grants demonstrated that clearly and aligned with the Grand Vision guiding principles…”

Of course they meet her alignment requirements.

She has been its champion since its inception.

Read the rest and more about Agenda 21 at

And keep checking back as we explain more on the insidious manner with which we will lose our property rights.

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