Michael We Didn’t Need You

Its here!  All the glorious 1 Stars worth of Atlas Shrugged is HERE!!!

1 stars? Seriously?  Not two? Three? Oh my.

Silly ol Reviewers anyhow.

There is of course a disconnect that has always existed with movie reviewers and the movies they attempt to dissect. Its the same disconnect that comes with progressive thinking.  The same unplugged reality that drives the hand to a ballot that makes an avowed socialist our President.  The President.  Of these United States of America.

In this case the disconnect is not in the value of the movie itself however, but the underlying truth the story presents.  It has little to do with acting, presentation, or truth to the message, but rather the message itself.

It scares the hell out of leftists.  It freaks out the leftists who fawn over leftists.  It challenges the very foundation of those who so much rely on the notion that they are so far above the pay grade of tea partiers, conservatives, or people who believe in true capitalism, that it makes them nervous to know the truth is now more available.

Certainly such a movie that has opened to box office receipts 2nd only to the overly advertised RIO must set afire the very fear that the emperor’s unclothed ugliness might be revealed.

Receipts collected, and earned, that were worked for,  and in the truest capitalist sense as reward for a product created that filled a need, a want, or even a desire.

This fear lit up the boilers of the steam engine of fear in those who don’t like the truth, and the reviews were offered in a way that is not at all surprising.  Reviews that say “PLEASE DONT WATCH THIS WRETCHED FILM!!!”  Look no further than what was said at Blagoplanet.com:

Michael Phillips, writing in the Los Angeles Times, complained about the film’s “tea-stained politics.”
Peter Travers in Rolling Stones vented, “Who’s the idiot responsible for this fiasco?”
Roger Ebert gave the film just 1-star and whined:  “And now I am faced with this movie, the most anticlimactic non-event since Geraldo Rivera broke into Al Capone’s vault.”
Peter Debruge incorporated a swipe at Fox News Channel in his review for Variety, writing that: “…Atlas Shrugged” becomes a series of polite policy conversations interrupted by Fox News-style updates whenever exposition is called for…”

Yes, we get it, liberal film critics.  You all can’t stand free markets, and you can’t stand that there is a film out there that echoes many of the same evils that the tea party movement here in America is fighting against.


The other day I poked a little fun at our own little socialist/hypocritical poison pill Michael Moore, and on the possibility of this movie appearing at the Pravda Theater in Downtown Traverse City.

Sorry about that Mikey.

Its too late buster.  You had your chance to ‘capitalize’ on what is already starting to be a[n albeit unexpected] successful run by people who actually have a concept of  ‘value.’

Atlas Shrugged will be appearing at the local theaters without the esteemed prosperous one’s assistance.

Carmike Horizon Cinemas

3587 Market Place Circle, Traverse City, MI 1:10  4:25 7:05 9:35pm 1hr 42min?? – Rated PG-13?? – Drama? Director: Paul Johansson – Cast: Taylor Schilling, Edi Gathegi, Paul Johansson, Michael O’Keefe, Matthew Marsden –

With American society in decay, railroad magnate Dagny Taggart begins to notice the mysterious disappearance of the world’s leading artists, businessmen and thinkers. While struggling to keep her business afloat despite an economic crisis marked by collectivism and groupthink, Dagny  soon discovers the truth about an organized “strike” against those who use the force of law and moral guilt to confiscate the accomplishments of society’s productive members.

One Star.  They are SO afraid.

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