Oakland County Democrats Face Felony Charges

Bad tea leaves a bitter aftertaste. At least for those complicit in election stealing shenanigans.Not surprisingly there was a little more to the election stealing measures than what immediately meets the eye.  Former officials of the Oakland County Democrat party are now standing before a judge and pleading not guilty.

To what?

Charges that remain under seal.

According to the Detroit Free Press:

“Michael McGuinness and Jason Bauer both stood mute at an arraignment this morning before Oakland County Circuit Court Judge James Alexander. The pair were charged under a one-man grand jury convened last fall to investigate claims that phony candidates were trying to get on the ballot to split the Republican vote.

The charges remained under seal this morning, though Chief Deputy Prosecutor Paul Walton asked the judge to assign file numbers to them indicating they are felonies. Walton said he planned to approach Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Edward Sosnick, who served as the one-man grand jury, to unseal the charges.

Walton said he couldn’t discuss the charges until Sosnick agreed to unseal them.”

It seems that outside the obvious political play that was attempted, these two have “stepped over the line” enough to warrant criminal proceedings.  They felt the need to break the law to promote their progressive agenda, and effectively disenfranchise voters.

So their political party would be favored in the elections.

So far no one else has stepped forward to take a little of the credit (blame) for the predicament these two gentlemen find themselves in.  Their actions to date demonstrate a disconnect of behavioral norms and discretion during the decision making process.  Nothing more than common criminals working towards the criminal end of FRAUD upon the citizens of Michigan.

And no one else is to blame. No one else had anything to do with the Progressives Campaign Inc signature gathering which buttressed their fraud.  No one else had any organizing effort on behalf of this blatant disregard for our suffrage.

And we are expected to believe that?


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