Congressman Tim Walberg Demanding Action on Energy

Part of the “great equalization of nations” that is central to the progressive agenda, is to starve the United States of abundant affordable energy.  To that end, the POTUS Obama appears to have instructed his administration to block or otherwise obstruct energy concerns who are seeking permits, and use the EPA and energy policy to strangle manufacturing otherwise.

This country began seeing the self limiting danger beginning in 2006 with the Pelosi led congress, and the scientifically deficient CO2 limitations that spawned from it.  In fact to the point that the speaker herself was able to use those limits to enrich herself as I have pointed out before.

Yesterday Michigan Rep. Tim Walberg spoke on the U.S. House floor about the need to limit our dependence on foreign energy and encourage energy production here at home. Later that morning, President Obama spoke on the subject at Georgetown University.  On his remarks in the video, Walberg notes:

“My remarks today on the House floor offer a drastically different path than the President’s. While the President is giving speeches and standing in the way of energy production, I am committed to achieving solutions that will decrease our dependence on foreign energy by allowing us to develop our energy resources here at home. I believe the President should take action and encourage more American energy production, instead of giving just another university speech,”

The Video lasts only 1-3/4 minutes and is worth noting.

Congressman Walberg is a co-sponsor of several energy policy bills including HR 909, A Road Map to America’s Energy Future, and HR 49, the American Energy Independence and Price Reduction Act.

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