Why Did The Granholm Cross The Road?

To get another taxpayer funded job.

Sadly this joke of a former governor is going to spread her ‘expertise’ on job creation to young minds of mush at UC Berkely. Seen in multiple news reports, including those at Michille Malkin’s blog, its noted she will “Teach Job Creation” at UC Berkeley.  Seriously, she was tapped by those brainiacs in lefty loosey land to teach them how to do what she did here; wreck economies.

Doug Powers at Malkin’s site even had the courtesy to install an “on demand Laugh track”. Though maybe it isn’t needed, except for all the crying going on.

I figure I can do my part..  the laughter prompt below can be installed over the entry doors to her lectures.  Just in case the students begin to take anything she says as being close to serious.

Indeed.  Start laughing.. Like a maniac.

The start of her road to ‘tenure’ truly ought to be April 1.

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