Steele Event Tomorrow 10-27-2010

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(Ann Arbor, MI) – October 27th in Ann Arbor, Michigan is the chance to show the country that the citizens of Michigan want to TAKE BACK OUR “HOUSE”. Dr. Rob Steele, candidate for Michigan’s 15th Congressional district along with the College Republican Club is holding a rally on the University of Michigan campus.

The rally is an opportunity to hear in Rob Steele’s own words how he will go to Washington and into the House of Representatives and be the voice of the people. He is not a career politician like his opponent, John Dingell, (that has been in office over 55 years). Rob Steele does not owe any special interest groups and is not a Washington insider. Dr. Rob Steele, a Cardiologist and a business owner attended public school and worked his way through college. He knows how the medical system works and why the Healthcare bill will hurt our country.

Rob Steele knows what is needed to fix the mess that career politicians have gotten this country into. At the University of Michigan rally, he will present his ideas.

This rally is anticipated to be the largest turnout to see Rob Steele.

Be a part of history! Come and see Rob Steele and the citizens TAKE BACK OUR “HOUSE”.

UMICH Rally with Rob Steele for Congress information:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6:30pm to 8:00pm

Location is at the Diag on the University of Michigan Campus

Sponsored by the University of Michigan College Republican Club

Among those participating will be:

Rob Steele Campaign Event Chairman: Michael R. Amaniera
Invocation: Dr. Dawn Lancaster

Singer: Kimbirly Vasi, Christian recording artist

Emcee: Thayrone X, WAAM, 1400am talk radio

Guest Speaker: Wendy Lynn Day, Organizer Lansing Rally

Special Guest to be announced



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