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It is becoming increasingly clear that the Democrat party is going to lose the governor and the attorney general offices by significant margins. They have therefore shifted focus for the remaining two weeks to take the Secretary of State office to defeat Ruth Johnson who we want to win. Ruth Johnson holds a slim lead over Benson in recent polls. Benson currently has cash reserves that are three times those of Ruth Johnson. As the Democrat party targets this race the cash available to Benson may be increased enough to win the Secretary of State office.

WE CAN”T LET THAT HAPPEN!!!! George Soros and the progressives know close elections are determined by the people counting the votes. That is why they have targeted Secretary of State offices all over the country, and are going to pull out all stops to gain this office. If they win we can be assured that no ID or proof of citizenship will be required to vote.  Absentee ballot requirements will be loosened and the registered voters list will never be cleaned up.  This will help assure future voter fraud is made easier so they can elect more big government Democrats.


THIS IS A STATEWIDE CALL TO IMMEDIATE ACTION – First every TPP group in Michigan is requested to please send this request to ALL their members and ask their members to forward to everyone they know.  Here is what each person can do immediately – DON”T WAIT – THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE.

  1. PUT UP RUTH JOHNSON SIGNS in your yards and on road side in high traffic areas – get your family and friends to do the same. Signs are available at the Michigan GOP Fix Michigan Centers.  See the following web site for locations: [Note:  for West Oakland County TPP of WOC Members can go to 1370 S. Milford Rd. Highland, Michigan 48357 on scheduled hours.]
  2. VOLUNTEER FOR RUTH’S CAMPAIGN by contacting her web site to make phone calls, prepare mailings, go door to door, send letters to editors, etc.. A few hours of your time in these few remaining days will make a huge difference.  Her web site volunteer sign-in is at this link:
  3. DONATE TO RJ’S CAMPAIGN: We need to immediately close the funding gap if Ruth is going to be able to hang onto her slim lead. Anything you can immediately contribute will help. ANYTHING!!! A $10.00 donation from every tea party member in our state would have a significant impact.  Click the CONTRIBUTE tab on the top of her web site at this link:
  4. TELL ALL YOU KNOW TO DO ABOVE THREE ACTIONS AND VOTE FOR HER: Email your family, friends, and neighbors of the importance of preserving the Secretary of State office and make a personal plea to each to please pick one or more of the action items and ACT NOW. THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE. Don’t let George Soros and the progressives set up the theft of the next election.

Thank you Michigan Patriots!!!  “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories.”  ~ Thomas Jefferson 1781

Nancy Steckler

Indeed.. open the wallet if possible.

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