Clean Coal “It Works” Van In Lansing Today

In all likelihood, we will be relying on coal for our electrical needs for the next 100 years. Between a “green” movement to close and remove dams, restore rivers, and eliminate THAT clean technology and a green movement to eliminate nuclear as an option, we have few choices left. Coal is the obvious go-to, as any remaining technologies are highly expensive for the energy produced, and would ultimately require a much larger footprint than a coal plant for the same generation of electricity.

Bottom line?

Coal is essential. Close to 70 percent of Michigan’s electricity is generated using coal. And, nearly 50 percent of America’s electricity comes from coal. Using coal to meet our electricity needs means we can continue to utilize an affordable, domestically-produced resource that will help protect our families’ budgets, create jobs and increase our energy security.

Who: American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity – WHISTLE STOP – LANSING

What: Tour stop and education drive for clean coal technology, including Clean Coal Technology Van (great photo opportunity)

Where: Lansing – Various locations
When: Tuesday, Sept. 21 from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Why: ACCCE wants to share information with local residents on the advances of Clean Coal Technology and the exciting projects happening in the great state of Michigan

American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is a non-profit, non-partisan group that promotes a dialogue with community leaders across the nation to discuss balancing America’s growing demand for electricity with the need to protect the environment. Because of its prominence in the nation’s energy mix, electricity from coal and the development and use of clean coal technology is a major focus of the dialogue. To learn more you should visit

OR.. with all the electric vehicles we are supposed to be building, we could invest in the new Wright brothers method of producing electricity for THAT purpose..

Right.. I didn’t think so either..

Keep an eye out for the van today!

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