Work To Do

We have much work to do on fixing what is truly wrong in this country.

While collecting signatures for the Michigan Health Care Freedom ballot initiative, we came across many who either support the government run health care boondoggle, or who are frankly unwilling to process the information that will so adversely affect them later.  One thirty something couple said:

“We will be talking to DR. xxxxx tomorrow, and can make a decision whether we want to sign the ballot initiative based on that.”

The ballot initiative was spelled out pretty clearly, but they needed to get a doctors opinion before they sign something that says in its first two lines:



How hard is that to figure out?

Its a statement that re-affirms rights we are born with.  It speaks to natural rights that shall not be abridged, and are protected under a constitution of limitations on government.  An extension of protections regarding our freedoms, yet there are some who feel they need a doctor’s note to agree with it? Self determination has never seen such lows I think.

Then there are some even younger folks.  A couple of “kids” estimated age 22-25, one of them who said:

“we like the health care plan, free health care, whats not to like?”

Wonderful.  Aside from the already well tattooed arms, and nose rings that show they were willing to pay for THAT kind of health care, they have no idea of what “free” really means.  To them perhaps it is an understanding that some rich son of a B somewhere will just have to do with a little less, so they can participate in a system that currently seems unfair.  To them the thought that “taking from others” for their benefit does not even cross the most modest line of decency, or morality, but is in fact THE moral thing to do.

These young Einsteins later reflecting such civil understandings with drive by shouts of “get a life.”  Indeed..

Perhaps they were taught this by the older gentlemen coming out from the Traverse City Film festival venue (the state theater in Traverse City) with Film Fest t-shirts on, who also praised the “Obamacare” plan as just legislation.  Certainly their “pursuit of the arts” watching “b” reruns of Benji, Conan the barbarian, or other theatrical treats might well be considered a “right in their later years too.  Try taking THAT freedom from them.  Perhaps that is when they might become engaged, ..or enraged.

If it wasn’t for the people who signed, and thanked us for working diligently to protect their (our) freedoms in a time so crucial, it would seem a lost cause.  Even as we face the reality that this initiative may not make it onto the ballot, we have redoubled our efforts, and those voices of support affirm our intent to educate and perhaps get people to look a little closer at such law that would enslave us to a particular form of social engineering that has at its core a political philosophy based on redistribution of wealth.

There ARE people who understand the destructive nature of the health care legislation that passed through both houses of congress, and was signed into law by the president.  There ARE people who actually have a moral and intellectual understanding of why freedom had propelled this country into a position of superiority and wealth.

Yet there are some who operate from a false understanding and a turned around set of facts.  There are those who must logically conclude all the wrong answers because they have been relied on the wrong premises.  How else could this statement:

“from each according to his ability to each according to his need”

have any merit, when looking at those who “need” that might not be so wantful if they spent less on cosmetic body attachments, or perhaps even spent so much time entertaining themselves watching and paying for bad movies as some form of elite social activity.

Indeed, we have only begun again, and have much work to do.

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