Michigan Call to Action Rally May 18th 2010 at State Capitol

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Come join concerned citizens from around the state to STOP the amnesty push and to SUPPORT Michigan Rep. Dave Agema’s E-verify immigration bills, HB 4969 and HB 4355, and Rep. Kim Meltzer’s new ‘Arizona’-style immigration bill.

Right now Michigan’s House of Representatives is sitting on six bills that would stop illegal aliens from taking jobs, stealing our identities, or getting free college grants. These bills have already passed committee, but House Speaker Dillon won’t allow a vote.

So far, our elected officials have only heard from supporters of amnesty groups who have been protesting Arizona’s new immigration law. Come join us to let our officials know we DO NOT support amnesty and want them to pass these Michigan house bills to protect the people of Michigan.

When: Tuesday, May 18, from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. (immediately before representatives go into session)

Where: East steps of the State Capitol building in Lansing

Speakers: Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff; State Representative (74th District) Dave Agema; State Representative Kim Meltzer (33rd district); Candidate for senator Eileen Kowall; Jim Runestad, Oakland County Commissioner; and Tamyra Murray, FAIR state advisor and Tea Party representative.

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