They DO Exist!!

Much like the fabled Jackalope in Northern Michigan, there too must be a colony of that type which is rumored to exist, yet due to the description certainly MUST be rare.  My Goodness one would think the tinyus cranius homosapiens crashius species was merely legend, perhaps like a sport of commentary by locals when talking to tourists for a few laughs, but we discovered one here in Traverse city! At our very own Tax day Tea Party!

I will admit my behavior was less than admirable when greeting this creature of lesser morals, as I DID insist he was of a small mind.  My insult may not have started the ensuing conversation on the proper footing.   Sometimes the heat of the moment, or excitement upon the discovery that people can make a complete ass of themselves for no apparent reason, will bring about our own loss of control, so I do apologize to those who take offense (including the “upstanding” young man in the video) to my addressing him as such.

Other than that..  I will let this thing speak for itself.

I won’t pretend I handled this encounter the best I could have. Perhaps that is what they are looking for. At least however it was peaceful and most the folks on hand walked away afterward laughing at his naivety, sporting a chuckle or two.

I only wish I could laugh so easily. This is who is running the government right now. This is the type of thinking that is creating policy, establishing future protocol, and setting the agenda for the country right now.

I had hoped that such denizens of the darkened soul would turn out to be a figment of some KOS writer’s wild imagination.. but here it is in front of you.. Giggles away…

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