The Granholm Whine..

As I type this, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is a guest on Greta.. In a classical hissy, suitable only to the executive diva of Lansing, she asserts the AG’s duties are at her whim, gleefully ignoring the process in which a Michigan AG (A job she once held) is hired. The voters think he is best suited to defend the CITIZENS.. So they hired him by an election process that is separate from his responsibilities to the governor.  Why would we bother voting for AG,  if the AG’s allegiance was to the governor alone?  Hmmmm?

She cannot stand that the protections of the constitution extend to the people of the state. She says:

“I’LL NOT ALLOW HIM TO SPEAK FOR THE STATE GOVERNMENT” He cannot file on behalf of the state of Michigan..

Jennifer.. I am a citizen and voter of the state.. He is MY AG as well.. He represents me. I will sign on the dotted line. You are my servant and I am requesting YOU stand down, as there are more than just I, who would stand behind Mike Cox’s actions. You came across as someone who is desperate to subvert the will of the people, at any cost.  But you don’t care..  You can go back to that closed off governors mansion and while away your days surrounded by yes types who will keep telling you how wonderful a job you are doing till your head explodes with self esteem.

Go away already..  Please. Your time in Michigan has left it far worse than it has been in history. Never has there been a governor who has done so much damage to a state as you. For GODS SAKE Own up to it, and see if Canada will take you back as a sled dog.

…. ahem..

Just remember this is the woman who thinks disagreeing with her is “treason..” as she asserted in 2005.  Could she be more ..useless?

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