I Prefer Tea..

I don’t think I have ever considered the possibility of Coffee or Tea being politicized..

Obviously, the Tea Party movement uses “Tea” because of the revolutionary roots, and its meaning of “standing up to an oppressive authority.”   It represents the individualism of patriots in this country and a desire to be free of unneeded government interference and manipulation of our lives.  We assert that we are a FREE people, and are petitioning our government to step back to the constitutional precepts that founded this nation.

But there are some who are so afraid of individuality, they will do anything to distort who we are, and falsely represent what we believe.  If not by simply screaming it out as obscenities and hyperbole,  but now through the use of similarities in the group naming.  The outfit at COFFEEPARTYUSA.COM is headed up by film maker and activist Annabel Park a rabid Obama supporter.

the group uses the “coffee party” name in a manner that attempts to mimic the organizing efforts of the Tea Parties.  They attempt to convince those who are unhappy with government to come to “coffee Parties” instead of protesting, in a way that confuses the entire point of the protests.  In other words saying you don’t like the way things are going? Come sit with us and we will tell you why you are wrong..  We’ll work it out.

The tactic in this case is hardly unique or original. The method of harnessing a sentiment and redirecting it in a way that unknowingly goes against the person holding it is a classic progressive (Leftist) strategy.  We have seen it in the Ray Schoenke Ads prior to the 2008 election, or even the GOP4OBAMA site sham.  Heck, Even Michelle Malkin has a story today about other fakers.

The left knows it has NOTHING to offer.  It must try to deceive the potential supporters by pretending it is something it is not.

Wasn’t that how the communist got in the white house?

Indeed when it comes to REAL Americans protesting the rampant abuses by government..  Its not the intellectually vapid coffee shop where you will find me.. IT will ALWAYS be at the tea party.

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