State of the State Tea Party!

The news will be there already.

And so will we.  Lame Duckocrat Governor Granholm will be making her last state of the state address on February 3rd, 2010 and Commonsense in Government has reserved us a spot in Lansing at the capitol at the same time..

We have reserved the Capitol and are ready to go! Let’s Make Lansing Listen.

Come show Lansing that the light of liberty still burns brightly in the hearts of Michigan Patriots! While the political elite gather to listen to Governor Granholm share her view of the State of the State, Tea Party Patriots will gather outside to hear a Tea Party State of the State! Then we can surround the outside of the Capitol as a tribute to the 9-12 philosophy of We Surround Them.

Common Sense in Government will provide glow sticks. Please do not bring candles, as they drip wax that has to be cleaned up. Hot Chocolate will be available.

Join in the fun, dress warm and cheer on the representatives who defect from the scheduled state event to rattle with us on the capitol steps! We will be seen and heard even louder as we move into this ever important election season.

More details to follow as available!


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