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With the advent of the internet, the traditional methods of gathering information, reporting, and commentary has changed. Instant, but persistent access that goes beyond TV news coverage, and puts newspaper timeliness to shame is now the standard for the purveyors of newsy prose.  Get the information when you want it, as soon as it happens.

However that is not what is really cool.. not today..  but it is related.

The Mackinac center has announced that beginning Feb 4, (The day after the state of the state) It’s premier periodical will be going to a daily!

On Feb. 4, the morning after the governor’s State of the State address, Michigan Capitol Confidential will start a daily, online news source at As with the print edition, this new venture will strive to be the news source for Michigan residents who want a second opinion when presented with only “bigger government” remedies during public policy debates. We will continue to tell the stories of the public officials who seek alternatives to bigger government, those who do not and those whose votes are at odds with what they say.

Please note that the print edition is not going away. In fact, it will probably get better, because in addition to receiving the print publication every other month in your mailbox, you will also have access to a lot more content — every weekday — on the Internet. To the Mackinac Center policy staff that is already providing you with exclusive coverage, the online team will add Tom Gantert, formerly of The Ann Arbor News, Lansing State Journal and Reporting Michigan. Gantert has more than two decades of experience covering news and politics in Michigan.

As news coverage in our state capital dwindles, it will become increasingly important to have outside scrutiny of our elected officials and government bureaucracies. We have the team in place to help fill that void. Readers can expect balanced, substantive reporting, aided by insightful analysis, hard data and legal expertise.

And it all starts next week.

Expect their first online installment to include news and analysis on the State of the State address given by Governor Granholm as she recites ” auld lang syne” and sings “don’t cry for me Michigan..”  In fact, the coverage is also likely to include REAL news on the political battlefield with a look at the State of the Citizen RALLY which will be held at the same time as the governor’s address, that will undoubtedly include political up and comers and potential leadership types.

Certainly, times change..  Its good to see this addition to coverage in Lansing.

BTW..  the print and online subscriptions are free.


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