Five.. in Hinzsight..

David Hinz died in an auto accident on Friday..  These were his last works on The Minority Report.

Morning Coffee News Update 11-27-09

The last posting by David.

Morning Coffee News Update 11-25-09

Climategate, Swine flu etc..

Cash For Climate Change Goes Missing


Even as the Climategate scandal threatens to unravel the cloak of respectability of Anthropogenic Global Warming [AGW] amid revelations of scientific fraud, deliberate suppression of contradictory scientific data and the destruction of evidence to prevent inquiry, it has now come to light that as much as $2.7 billion promised to aid poor nations combat the ravages of climate change has gone missing.

on top of it as usual.

Morning Coffee News Update 11-24-09

Acorn unemployment etc..

ZoNation Calls Out The Liberals While Defending Sarah Palin

Finding a worthwhile video of Alonzo Rachel..

These were the last five postings… Rest in Peace David, and may God bless you and your family.

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