Well Well Well…

Lets all be non-politico shall we? My goodness, when the dust clears and we look at who crossed the finish line, certainly a fair race would mean a genuine win. Right?

The Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference was certainly an important event to be sure, and particularly coming into the next BIG cycle of 2010 elections. Friendships reinforced, loyalties affirmed, and a chance for those who aren’t yet recognized as legitimate players, to show their potential and perhaps win some support.  A win for a relative unknown in the conference “straw poll” would be considered a boost for that candidate.

And apparently.. nobody needed it more than Rick Snyder. He needed so much, that he paid the way for HUNDREDS of supporters to attend this exclusive bi-annual event. While that is apparently not unheard of, (the numbers maybe) it wasn’t merely that fact, but the manner in which the supporters were “handled” that is at the very least… interesting.

I had first heard of the possibility of Snyder “stranding” supporters who decided he was not worthy of support from another blogger’s post (A Conservative Teacher):

But the worse part about Snyder’s behavior this weekend that was revealed to me was that Synder blackmailed his paid supporters into voting for him in the straw poll, threatening to kick them out of the street and out of their hotel rooms unless they voted for him.

Kick them out?  ..ohh My, can you say CHICAGO? Meet Ann Arbor…  SO much for not being a “politician..”

Apparently Tim Skubick has the memo:

The following memo reached this desk in which the Snyder folks look  like their learned how to play politics in Chicago’s Cook County which  is notorious for questionable activity.

In it Snyder supporters are advised that “you are in no way required  to vote for any candidate, disclose or show your ballot to anyone.”  All nice and proper, with no gripes there.

Ah but read on: “However, in order to remain eligible for Rick for  Michigan receptions, ferry’s (to and from the island) and hotel room, you must show your ballot to Rick’s official representative at the ballot box….”  Hum, this is getting interesting.

And just to make sure none of the volunteers for Ricky didn’t miss the point, they were asked to sign a document that was blunt: “I have read and understand that by staying in a Rick for Michigan sponsored hotel room and traveling on a Rick for Michigan ferry is contingent upon voting for Rick Snyder in the straw poll.”

Yeah  how bout that..

Well..  Maybe he isn’t like those “other Politicians..”  At least THEY respect the private ballot.

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