Cox Receives Gratz Endorsement

The Macomb Daily is reporting Jen Gratz the affirmative action challenging individual has indeed endorsed AG Mike Cox for his Gubernatorial bid.

“In this day and age when other politicians run for the tall grass immediately, he came out right from the start to support MCRI,” Gratz said. “That indicates he is willing to stand up and not follow the politically correct path. That’s exactly what Michigan needs right now.”

This comes as no surprise to MTTM, and it is one of the reasons I personally have been a supporter leaning toward Cox over the others in the 2010 election cycle. The fact that what the media was suggesting to be an unpopular measure at the time could be endorsed by an AG undergoing an election challenge of his own, showed some fortitude that shouldn’t go unnoticed, or unrewarded.  He picked his side, stuck to his principles, and won.. along with the rest of the state as the MCRI was passed and racism went one step further into the annals of history.

We are lucky to have as one of the top three contenders to the states highest office a man with integrity. Jen Gratz’ perspective is particularly relevant given her own fight in the arena of discrimination, and it is worthy of note.

Congratulations on the newest endorsement AG Cox.

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