No Tax Hike – Hall Of Fame.. And Storming The Castle..

Worth looking at true leadership willing to stand with the citizens and taxpayers on this go round.

Visit the No Tax Hike Hall of Fame..

And then there is this from Jack Hoogendyk, who was there 2 years ago ringing the bell!

Time for Another Party?

152Apparently, we need to remind our elected officials we will have nothing to do with more “revenue enhancements.” Are you prepared to make the trek to Lansing one more time? I will be there Wednesday night, reporting from the gallery, if I can get in. I will be twittering, face-booking, blogging, with up-to-the-minute reports.

Tea Party groups across the state will be watching, and just might be showing up on the steps of the Capitol, signs in tow, to tell their legislators they will not accept another tax hike. This economy is fragile enough, if not already broken beyond repair. We simply cannot endure another blow to what is left of this state’s economic future. One more “blow” and we will be “blown away.”

Are you ready? Can you be available on short notice? Watch the news reports, check your favorite conservative blog. I hope you can be there Wednesday night, as the clock ticks down to midnight, to remind those lawmakers who they work for.

Stay tuned…

Hopefully our representatives are paying attention Jack.. Thanks for your efforts!  Including BELOW

“Storm the Castle.” Come to Lansing Wednesday night and stand outside the capitol with your home made signs. Let them know what you think. Every day, the taxpayer-funded lobbyists are calling, visiting, buying coffee and lunch for lawmakers to convince them “not to cut MY budget.” Now you need to lobby them not to cut YOUR budget. Because if your taxes go up, that’s exactly what will happen. (Stay tuned for announcements of a rally to take place, if needed.) Who knows? Maybe they will settle this over the weekend; maybe they will pass a “continuation” budget, which is essentially kicking the problem down the road. But, if we get to Wednesday without a settlement, you may be needed in Lansing!

How bout it folks..

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