Tomorrow. July 4 2009 Tea Party Independence Celebration!

July 4, 2009 Tea party activities are upon us!  Tomorrow, Saturday, Independence day, we gather once again, and not for the last time to let our leadership know we are far from happy with the way they have done their best to ruin the future of our children and enslave them to incredible debt etc..

Tea Party locations - Lansing and others

The tea party events have been at first ignored, ridiculed, and then attacked as useless, meaningless and trite, yet so far well over a Million folks have turned out to have their voices heard. Never.. has the first amendment meant so much in this country as it does today. Never.. have the citizens had to come out in the numbers we are witnessing at the Tea Parties recently. Never has it been so important to remind our government to OBEY OUR WISHES.. we are not its slaves, we are its owners.

DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO ATTEND A PARTY NEAR YOU! You wont regret it, and if you have kids, it is truly an experience which will help them understand history, and help them appreciate their part in it. Click on the image above for MICHIGAN TEA PARTY EVENTS July 4

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