Some investigative help needed.

In Michigan, I would be interested in knowing which properties and interest are owned by the Simon Property Group. I certainly would like to know where I personally wont go to patronize, support, etc..  Especially not after the conveniently timed use of a reciprocal property agreement to shut down one of the most successful Tea Party event locations.  Timing which left organizers scrambling to relocate, and ultimately cancel that event.

The Atlanta Tea Party was its Independence Day celebration in Gwinnett, after losing its location due to the objection of Gwinnett Place Mall. (a Simon company) The Tea Party had been scheduled to take place in the parking lot of the old Macy’s building at Gwinnett Place since March.

Not surprising given the reported interest the simon group owners have in the success of the Obama administration.  In fact, it would be interesting to find out what the Simon group might have to gain with the ongoing “stimulus” as well.  What financial interests, rent seeking, or other endeavors do they have tied to the administrations plans?

Stop believing in coincidences.. we have a bit of tea to dump overboard.

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  1. June 24, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Thats what we get from all these companies being subsidized by taxpayer funds. They all operate the same. they are quazi government businesses. Thats Just like Wayne County Community College cancelling our room on the last day before our How to Appeal your Property Assessment seminar. They use our money against us. They scream that it is private property and they can do what they want while at the same time take our money for abatements, TIFAs, DDAs and the like.

    When you sleep with dogs you get fleas.

  2. June 26, 2009 at 7:56 pm


    Simon Properties owns Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor. This is their only Michigan property. They became famous in Michigan not too long ago when they tried a hostile takeover of Taubman Company, which owns a lot of malls around the country. Simon’s most famous mall is the Mall of America.

    They are heavy contributors to the Democratic Party, which you probably could guess.


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