A simple concept of the founders which inspired the revolution in this country;  Ownership.  Private property, things both physical, and intellectual that we have worked for, sacrificed for, and accumulated, belongs to us and government’s role is to protect our claims to, yet is often threatened by a sense of fairness, and a populist belief in equity.  That government, which is elected to serve as our defender now serves as the conduit by which the less than successful elements of our society can steal from.

A business enterprise in the US, was once upon a time an entity which served as a tool to earn its owners a living.  Offering a product, or services as a product to the consumer who agreed to pay the amount asked by the business, or not.  Both parties in the participation of a business transaction would find a voluntary common value and a satisfactory deal was reached.  All of it being appropriate, and stimulating to growth, development, and the general advancement of quality of life for the buyers and sellers.

Somewhere along the way, our government forgot its charter. Somewhere along the way our leadership forgot about the concept of ownership.    Writes James Madison, Essay on Property, March 29, 1792:

“Government is instituted to protect property of every sort; as well that which lies in the various rights of individuals, as that which the term particularly expresses. This being the end of government, that alone is a just government which impartially secures to every man whatever is his own.”

It is clear that Madison’s version of government was not one of taking the work of citizens and passing them about like thieves dividing the proceeds from a robbery.  Perchance Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Bancroft, January 26, 1788 might say otherwise?

“He who is permitted by law to have no property of his own, can with difficulty conceive that property is founded in anything but force.”

Imagine that..  Our founders thought what we made, earned, created was ours to do with .. as we should see fit.  Yet our “politicians” who seek the security of office by offering our productivity and our wealth to those who refuse to create, produce or grow, gain more power.

What protections are we as business owners being afforded, when our negotiations with our employees are “guided” by a government mandate? The very function of “work rules” guarantees that the business owner has little say in how his business can be run.  The government has taken the ownership of decision, of will, of control, and given it to the lowest common denominator; the employee.

The employee however sees not the benefit of such actions, as business growth and potential expansion of the employee’s responsibilities and earning potential is retarded, Slowed by the inability of the employer to realize a motivation of growth.  For at that time when your business reaches a particular size, you as the owner lose more of your right to operate it as you see fit.  If anyone fails to understand what I am talking about, please look up business size classification and follow through to the corresponding regulatory nightmare for each step larger.

Ultimately, I (As a thinking rational human) am left asking this question:

What am I allowed to have, that no one can take from me without my consent?  What is it that government need not protect, need not limit, cannot take, cannot coerce, cannot claim as its own, unless I freely give it?

It is my mind.

It is my mind, and it is all that grows from it.  It is the creation of product, life saving, enhancing, enriching wonders that the world may miss.. If I withhold it.  Unless I am rewarded in a measure that is satisfactory, why should I offer to anyone the benefits of its use.  To what personal end shall I give it but for SOME satisfaction, and that should be determined by my criteria, no? Who should lay claim to the contents of the thoughts and product of my thoughts but myself, and those who I see as worthy trading partners?

I will repeat Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Bancroft, January 26, 1788:

“He who is permitted by law to have no property of his own, can with difficulty conceive that property is founded in anything but force.”

The logical extension is why would I build?  Why would I create?  Why would I MAKE REAL PROPERTY!!??

When government applies the mottled philosophies of each special interest who lays a claim on knowing what is best for us, we find ourselves as we are now.  The rule of law supplanted by a piecemeal application of “public interest” becomes the liberty stifling motion our founders feared, and fought, and defeated before giving us this wonderful project known as the United States.

Those who made this country were farmers, small business owners, teachers, etc.. And all were commonly bound by a particular recognition of one concept, that of private property. A concept so simple, it is seen in the common dog, who covets his favorite toy, yet so abstract to today’s ruling elite, it only exists in their private dealings.

A simple concept, where a man (as THIS man does) can say “my mind, is no one’s but my own..  it is plainly and succinctly mine.”

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