The legs out from under them

I have wondered aloud (in print) in the past about why the automaker chiefs have not scolded the congress for putting them under the pressure which has made all of their problems even more so “problematic.”  The attempts by congress to mandate “change” in consumers buying habits by limiting the options automakers have, ultimately has stifled their abilities to perform and compete.


OF course, it isn’t helping that we have a new “federal” CEO for all that.  Our Planetary protector in chief has demanded the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) will be 35.5mpg very soon, and it doesn’t seem that the disadvantage of 2 of the automakers in bankruptcy really matters as far as backing up from that demand.

Then there is the “cap and trade” boondoggle..

So let me get this straight.. Government is going to “license” polluters in the way California has, but with a significant difference..  “this” pollution is necessary for all life on earth. Yep..  CO2 is needed by plants, photosynthesis etc.. and is blamed for “climate change,” which USED TO BE “global warming” until it was obvious that conclusions made by preeminent politicians scientists were erroneous, and cover was needed.  I mean.. really it is somewhat difficult to argue that the climate doesn’t change.  Especially in Michigan where it happens every 10 minutes or so.

Al Gore, (who by the way is ultimately behind those inane Alliance for climate protection ads -repower America ) has made quite a killing in this field and is milking the country for all its worth.  But did that fat bastard the honorable MR Gore even bother to turn his Halogen reading lamps off for the estimable Earth hour we had recently?  NO.  Not a hypocrite by any stretch, but rather a shyster, feeding the inner fears humans have about a world without polar bears or Duckbilled Platypii..  oh those are gone already?  Ermmm Stuff happens I guess.

The argument is always the same, or at least has the part in about “well if we are wrong, then what does it hurt?”

Hurt? Well HUNGER has been argued to be quite painful in certain stages, but I guess there is a point which you can numb up and not feel the last life being drained from your body..  Yeah we now have change.

Sometime in the middle of the night a group of thugs showed up at the curb, and pulled the wheels of this little car we call Michigan. (see illustration above) and expect us to still pull them around.  The problem is that stone blocks don’t roll, and the credit cards we used to have, have been cut up.  Fellow Michigan writer Bruce Hall says this:

“Federal regulations are adding increasing costs to purchasing and operating automobiles. The next step will be energy regulations of buildings including retroactive standards. How long will it be before the trunk of every vehicle has an energy rating symbol… or the front door of every house?”

I would further argue that the energy limiting, adds to the manufacturing costs of those autos, and everything else that is left in our production base.  Those costs which will have to be passed along as price increases, or the makers fail in their business ventures.  Its a fact of economics, that when costs increase, consumption decreases, when consumption decreases, efficiencies go down. Efficiencies, which might make the difference in profitability of a Michigan business perhaps.

Not that it really hinders any expectations though.  We are expected to “buck up” and be productive anyhow right?  We don’t need “cheap” energy when we are all going to be so smart by virtue of a government mandate.  The feds are merely expanding what we have faced in Michigan for several years.  By simply snapping her fingers, Granholm made Michigan a vibrant and economically sound state.. right?  RIGHT??!!

Only in bizarro world.

Carbon caps, CAFE mandates, restrictions on Clean coal, all accomplish very little but to send termites to the crutches of  what remains of American and Michigan’s industry, and simply kicks the legs out from under them in the cruelest fashion, at a time when the country needs them the most.

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