Gratuitous Tea Party Posting

Another attendee to the tea party in Petoskey sent this picture of he and his son with “Joe the Plumber” at the event.  What is really cool, is that people really look up to Joe not because he is a famous guy, or because he is a normal guy who happens to now be famous, but because he is a normal guy who stood up to the machine and called it what it is.  In its face.joe-carlsons

Rich asked whether there is a May 15 Traverse City Event.. Anyone who has info on it might want to comment here or email me with the link in the top corner. You all know we are only starting right?

1 comment for “Gratuitous Tea Party Posting

  1. May 11, 2009 at 7:42 am

    Very cool. Also awesome that you’ve become one of these Tea Party hub-type sites!

    Props for taking so much leadership, JG!


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