Chrysler is bankrupt, General Motors has pretty much exhausted its cash reserves, the “stress tests” indicate several banks “need” a government infusion of money, and it appears gas will return to the $3 a gallon range as a result of slipshod energy policy coupled with an overactive hate humanity “green” movement. The Climate WAS Cooling Before it was Warming, and now it changes so much we MUST have politicians DO Something because they have such exemplary records.

The administration is installing shock collars on industry leaders, and Obama has his finger on the button, there is no court that dares touch the criminals who really caused the mess we are in. The dead or fictitious vote, and One-person-one-vote is fast becoming a non reality, and as things go.. allowing anal fornication is now a supreme court litmus issue.

Terrorists are no longer terrorists, but our brave defenders are, private property is becoming illegal, dope is not, questioning of enemy combatants through coercive means is seen as torture, yet the bloody slicing butchery done to the unborn is acceptable or OK?

Smoking or drinking is OK to tax, but not OK to do, tax cheats make the best tax collectors, and the United States of America is apologizing to the world for demeaning the poor dictators who’s megalomania has allowed their feelings to be hurt.  We allow an organization to continue flourishing in our greatest city, which is full of spies, saboteurs, and those who would end our existence if given the chance, and we promise to release the ones that we hold, who have already tried.

Somewhere.. somehow.. something CHANGED..

The inmates are running the asylum.

1 comment for “Change.

  1. May 8, 2009 at 7:24 am

    “Hope” and “change” are the new “gravitas.”

    And at this point, using any or all is “unconscionable.”


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