Standards & Principles

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Core beliefs. Those standards which we guide our lives by. The unchanging rules that make us who we are. A guarantee that we will do no wrong? Hardly. A promise that we never make a mistake? Not very likely. However when a standard is set and used as a pillar to rest against when mentally tired, or facing crisis that causes doubt or emotional pain, it allows the most consistent action, and reduces the chance mistakes will be made, or that your decisions do as little damage as possible.

Humans like many other mammals have “feelings.” We are emotional and experience anger, frustration, happiness, and a myriad of other sentiments which can affect reasoning ability, drive violent actions, and otherwise cause any number of behaviors. Humans, unlike the other mammals which share this ability have the ability to reason however, and can overcome the negative effects by adopting and accepting there are certain thresholds which limit what might be undue “reactions” to more measured responses.

What is a president supposed to do when faced with imminent disaster and a collapsing economy if failure to act “guarantees” that it will happen? What then, is a lawmaker to do? Recent events demonstrate that overly urgent activity by our leadership ALWAYS fails when rushed decisions are made, and the heat of the moment reaches death valley temperatures. The emotional despair of those folks who urge them to make sudden edicts in reactionary manner becomes eclipsed by the lack of principles the legislators exhibit.

Establishing a certain set of standards and never wavering from them is often considered to be uncompromising, and unreasonable when politics are in play. Often the stalwart is accused of being cold, impersonal, “unfeeling” in an attempt to sway them from their firm beliefs in whatever well reasoned positions it is that they hold. Those positions which they might have arrived at over a great deal of time (their entire life perhaps?) become the target of the philosophically opposed, and it is sometimes not too hard to go about questioning your own personal motives, or how you arrived at your “black or white” analysis.

Thus the importance of understanding WHY you have core beliefs, why you need to fully understand cause and effect, and why compromise from a conservative viewpoint is really quite unacceptable. The run up to the very crisis we are facing, was in large part borne upon the abandonment of principles by those who call themselves conservative. Republicans OWNED the branches of government at the very least for a short time, and could have resisted spending, and even had an agenda to push back more quickly the laws which make the innocent not appear so in the eyes of government. However, as we can see, its not as if things are any safer with an entirely Democrat controlled process, as they are even more vile in the advancement of liberty theft through confiscatory tax policies, social gerrymandering and elitist paybacks and rewards.

Bush himself admitted he didn’t like to do what he did. He FAILED in holding to principles which he thought he believed in, but a crisis is a short term and very powerful motivator, and it was enough to sway the man from the proper answer. The underlying work of the progressive movement is to separate anyone from principles which are derived from logic, and the result was that Bush, through an emotional reaction and fear presented from Paulson (for the purpose of power and rescue of friends and allies IMO) made the worst mistake of his life… and ours.

There is a reason the governing document of our great nation is called the “constitution.” It is a construct that sets limits, boundaries, and creates a framework for what our government is SUPPOSED to be. It-is-what-it-is. A firm unmovable object, (except by great force) and resistant to change. The leadership we engage is to have little to do outside of holding to the foundation it sets. Yet progressive policies, indoctrination through subversive educational precepts, and the outright (as in now) ignorance that there are SUPPOSED to be limits on our government have weakened our ability to hold our leadership to it.

Conservatism, classical patriotism, STANDARDS. The very ideals which freed this country from an oppressive Monarchy now are chided as “extreme,” “fringe,” or even “dangerous” when the mix includes a bumper sticker of a Libertarian figurehead. Chided by a populist press, and the worker bees within, who have never created anything of wealth or substance, yet demand it is so very easy to relinquish to the needs of the many from the ability of the few. Needs determined on an impersonal basis, from the abilities determined more so from a lack of knowledge.

We now are in the midst of a reset. A “reboot” perhaps, analogous as the operating system of this great nation’ memory has become polluted in the failure to stand by the very principles which have guided it from patriarchal mishandling, to fighting off the slavery of our fellow man, and becoming the beacon of liberty and prosperity for the entire world.

Most of us know what is right. Many of us are now ready to walk in the streets to remind those who have forgotten. Blind support for someone in power who draws from emotion to overcome a static which is right, needs to be withdrawn. Some have not yet forgotten their core principles, it is time to replace those who have.