Lansing Tea Party Pictures

Completing the work of the Government who will Log and list these Right Wing Extremists in their files.  Enjoy!

Note some of the signs are a little more pointed than others.

I have fun taking the pictures with all the signs and blowing them up to see if I can see a sign I hadn’t noticed before.  Maybe our elected reps will as well..

1 comment for “Lansing Tea Party Pictures

  1. Douglas Price
    April 25, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    To the tea party organizers throughout the nation…

    Let’s have ONE BIG tea party in Washington, DC on July 4th rather than multiple demonstrations throughout the country. Sporatic demonstrations tend to dilute the message and don’t really play well on TV.

    Independence Day falls on Saturday this year. It would be a lot more effective if everybody showed up in DC on one day! Remember there is strength in numbers.

    Douglas Price

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