Limbaugh attacked because he hopes Obama fails..

I hope he fails too.

If success for Barack Obama means the continuance of policies aimed at destroying the constitution, I hope he fails miserably. Further, I hope he is finally seen in a fitting way as a thug president attempting to usurp powers which belong to the people.  I also hope that the people are wise enough to see the direction these Socialist/Marxist Wannabe potentates would take us.  Perhaps the 10th amendment will help for those who need reminding:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The founders knew things such as a welfare state would happen, and they understood human nature. History at the very least held the Romans out as highly successful Republic until a gradual change to a democracy, which eventually gave them the Caesars and special interests fighting for the rights to spend the treasury in whatever manner they saw fit.  Governments all too easily can work for the sake of themselves, rather than for the people of whom they are servant to.

This is the very reason this country exists.  It was a response to an overbearing, unresponsive beast which did not recognize the freedoms that are a birthright.  The colonists knowing they would never be truly protected and represented by their remote governors said enough is enough.  The founders then experienced firsthand the tyrannical response of the spurned Monarchy.  The kingdom which denied the god given rights many of us take for granted, and would hold the colonists to a slavery of tithing to it.. or else.

Limbaugh understands this all too well as he has been the thorn in the side of the Clinton Presidency, and n0w for “his Excellency” Barack Obama.  He is currently being attacked through the collaborative efforts of the whitehouse and certain elements in the press and congress itself. The Republican party which had been weakened by the two terms of the Bush administration has been tagged as now being “led” by Limbaugh in a move that hopes to weaken the party because of Limbaugh’s statements hoping for Obama’s failure.

The reason Democrats think this will work is because of the Milquetoast resolve many in the Republican leadership have shown in the last two decades.

The assumption is that to defeat Republican Ideals, the messengers must be separated, marginalized, and eliminated one by one.  To attack the message head on would be folly, as most Americans STILL hold the belief that the constitution is still the law of the land.  To wit, MOST Americans are actually Republican in ideals.  Attaching stigma to each of the conservative  leaders as they come forward keeps the cohesiveness of common conservative ideas from being enough to hold back a determined socialist agenda.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

People do not need to like Rush Limbaugh’s confrontational manner to support him, and in turn support the fight against an aggressive socialist agenda.  We as a nation simply need to understand that our enemy is common.  It is a gradual removal of the protections afforded by the constitution through unchecked legislative action, and seemingly increasing presidential powers.  The legislative branch and the presidency are an affront to the relegated powers assigned by our founding documents.

Silencing the loudest and most clearly resistive voice to the destruction of those controlling forces which bind the state’s hands is the agenda of the day.  Weaker minds will instead prefer to believe that “in the best interest” of the country, “divisive rhetoric” should be silenced and a back should be turned to the boisterous pronouncement that freedom is our best bet.  That pronouncement coming from behind what is known as the EIB Microphone. The stand of an “entertainer.”

What is “divisive,” is the use of selected soundbites to further the dissolution of true patriots who have minor differences, yet share core principles.  What is “divisive,” is the continued corralling of those who disagree only slightly with their peers, yet find themselves supporting the unsupportable by their own reactionary reflection of the day’s news, and how they are expected to “feel” about it.

We are facing great change.  Yes.. I can only Hope it fails.