For the good of the ALL. 2 tiny questions.

Often, understanding our own core principles can shed a little light on the way we should proceed in any given situation.  I present here a couple of hypothetical questions which could be answered in any number of ways that are nuanced, but each is essentially a yes or no (black or white) interrogatory.

You have been approached by an unknown entity who places into your hands a small innocent child. You are told by a great many that if you kill this child, there are ten others who may live from his sacrifice.  It is clear that you are the only one who can make this decision.  Will you?

You are a judge. You have before you a man accused of habitual theft.  But as it turns out, the man keeps none of his proceeds.  He distributes his ill gotten goods to those who claim to have no hope of feeding themselves otherwise.  His philanthropy is legend among the needy.  Do you prosecute him?

Read into these what you will.