The RIGHT way to limit smoking in your environment..

Fortunately, Michigan has not yet seen passage of the smoking bans presented and approved by the House nor the Senate.  The debate as to WHY these bills did not see the governor’s pen can go elsewhere for now.  The pressure will most certainly result with the  passage of SOME form of repressive government measure in the near future however.  And, as I have said before there are Right ways to promote health issues, and there are LEFT Wrong ways to promote health issues.

Among the (fewer) minor success stories you read or hear about in the local newsletters, papers and radio, you can always find the truth buried or perhaps even out front.  Again, I find another lesson to be learned which has been presented by someone who actually provides a service, a product.. something worthwhile.

In a recent email issue of the Traverse City business news ticker, a local businesswoman, Nancy Freund is highlighted as being able to turn around one of the local watering holes and turning it family friendly as it had been decades before.  Amongst the changes made was a decision to start smoke-free Thursdays about a year ago and more recently adding smoke-free Saturdays with family activities (WII).


She did it.  She didn’t HAVE to, but Freund had made the decision that a “smoke free environment” at least for particular times was appropriate to her continually changing business model.  It was the owner of that particular enterprise who made the choice to expand from a DAY of smoke free, to a day AND a WEEKEND of smoke free environment.  And it is likely she will find herself making the final plunge towards a completely smoke free mode in the future.

I Applaud the decisions made by business owners like Freund who decide for themselves to become clean air zones..  But as the actions of government nearly ALWAYS limits free and open enterprise,  I Abhor the actions of our state legislature in its attempt to stifle the ability of businesses to operate by fiat.