More on the climate change SCAM

Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Granholm has “latched on” to the false promise of renewable energy as a job creator for Michigan.  The loons on the left lay lavish praise on our lady of Lansing, for leveraging our liberties and our last to leave lifers lose their sanity.

Isaac MacMillen of reveals a MAJOR connection between the supposed climate change threat and HEAVY Investments!

“The INCR, founded in 2003 by the United Nation’s Institutional Investor Summit on Climate Risk, now boasts over 70 members who manage a combined $7 trillion in investments. Their membership includes a number of labor unions, state agencies, and even some liberal religious groups. The INCR’s annual conference, co-sponsored by UN agencies, is attended by a wide range of hardcore globalists who share the same goals.”

As I alluded to in the prior post, Al Gore and others have a great investment in the scam, and we are not talking chump change (Trillions) investments being made to separate you from your money and ultimately your individual liberties.

But they needed help.

For all of this to work, the complete and utter failure of manufacturing in our domestic environment is critical.  To perpetrate the HOAX to its fullest, the Governess must destroy the economy of the state which has been the LIGHT of the manufacturing world with skilled and competent builders of industry as long as industry has existed in our free country.  Michigan has historically been the bulwark of industry, but the ‘green” agenda has weakened it like rust to steel.

Granholm has nearly completed her task, and buying in to the very same hoax, have been the slow learners in our Michigan legislature who do not readily recognize the impact their actions have.  Where votes on Minimum wages, extreme environmental mandates, business killing taxes and regulations, have whittled away at the very foundation of what was once the bedrock of manufacturing in this country we love.

It is interesting how incredibly important the destruction of MICHIGAN is for all of this to play out perfectly for the destroyers of economies.  And then they get you coming and ALF-CIO President John Sweeny, a signatory to the INCR, stated the following:

“Executing this strategy [combating global warming by solving the energy crisis] requires developing our current human and financial capital to secure a world we want to live in. Much of that capital is in worker’s retirement funds… $5 trillion is invested on behalf of union members.

Truly a bad set up.  Better put the safety on before you shoot yourself in the foot.

A special Thank you to Bill Wilson and the Daily Grind for much of this information.